Friday, October 16, 2009

Virtual Publicity Translates to Real Sales

The first book tour I ever made was in 1980, when my biography of Fred Gipson, the Texas author who wrote the classic novel "Old Yeller," came out. I traveled from Amarillo to Beaumont, missing only El Paso and the Rio Grande Valley, in doing media interviews and other appearances. It took time and energy, but it paid off with a lot of ink and air time, which of course had been the goal.

Now, from the comfort of my home office in Austin, I'm off on a virtual book tour thanks to my friend Stephanie Barko, my Austin-based publicist. (Check out her Web site at am "appearing" at various Web sites popular with readers of books, from to the Web site of Portland's legendary Powell's Book Store, to discuss the final book of my two-volume Texas Ranger history, "Time of the Rangers: The Texas Rangers from 1900 to Present." (New York: Forge Books, $27.95)

For those of you who'd like to travel along with me, here's my virtual itinerary:

10/13/09 Texas Pages Blog

10/14 Books & Writers

10/15 Bookgasm

10/16 GoodReads / History is not Boring Group

10/16 GoodReads / Texas Readers Group

10/16-10/29 GoodReads

10/17 Western Americana Blog

10/19 Rough Edges Blog

10/26 Texas Escapes

10/27 Powell's Blog

10/29 Straight from Hel Blog

10/31 Texas Scribbler Blog

11/2 Bookzillion Blog

11/3 Writers in the Sky newsletter

11/4 Powell's newsletter

11/4 Powell'

11/14 Texas History Page Blog

TBD Texana Review

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